The Linebird team represents decades of diverse industry experience in the energy, engineering, and UAS fields

Michael Beiro
Founder and CEO

Michael Beiro holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University. Throughout his schooling he specialized in robotics and automation. Michael created Linebird to continue his passion of exploring applications of automation in the utility industry.

Chase Coble
Chief Technology Officer

Chase Coble has nearly a decade of experience working with small unmanned systems. He studied electrical engineering at VCCS and has extensive training and experience in thermography, commercial UAS operations, as well as the renewable energy sector. Chase is also the co-founder of RVA Aerial LLC.

David Schul
Chief Operating Officer

David is passionate about safe, innovative UAS operations that assist with complex problems across the utility, construction and engineering sectors. As the co-founder of RVA Aerial LLC since 2016, David is experienced with UAS technology for mapping and modeling via photogrammetry and special inspections with visual and thermographic sensors. He is also a longtime veteran of the renewable energy and environmental consulting industries.

Lee Corbin
Vice President,
Customer Development

As Vice President of Customer Development, Lee facilitates  communications and solutions with vendors, suppliers and customers. He holds a wealth of experience, from working as a lineman and thermographer, to managing teams of remote pilots and a fleet of UAVs to perform inspection and maintenance of power lines. Lee leverages his vast network within the Utility industry to communicate and demonstrate value back to the industry, helping customers continue to move forward to safer and more economical solutions.