The Linebird Osprey Non-conductive Payload System (NPS) provides a groundbreaking patent-pending new method for utilizing lineman’s tools on live lines

U.S. Utility Patent Pending

With its easy transportability, quick set-up and takedown time, rugged construction, and ability to access live lines from a safe distance, the Linebird Osprey NPS with Ohmstik Adaptation Kit (OAK) integrates the Sensorlink Ohmstik to enable resistance measurement of transmission conductor splice and dead-end connectors while the operator is safely on the ground.

The patent-pending Osprey NPS is proudly assembled in the USA.

Access to live power lines with minimal risk of harm to personnel

Rapid deployment over any terrain

Low overhead cost compared to bucket trucks and helicopters

icon of drone data

Perform more live-line inspections and gather more data than ever before

The Osprey NPS kit

The Osprey NPS with OAK includes:

  • Osprey NPS Airframe
  • Sensorlink™ Radio Ohmstik™
  • Linebird Ohmstik™ Adaptation Kit
  • Heavy duty field cases
  • Payload drop mechanism
  • Landing pad


Specialized UAS operator training is required for safe and effective use of the Osprey NPS in energized critical infrastructure environments. Linebird offers hybrid training combining documentation with in-person field experience.

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