Our mission: Equipping the utility industry with the next generation of aerial line work solutions.

Emerging from independent student research supported by a Fortune 500 power utility, Linebird was originally developed to answer a simple question: can drones be used by utilities not just as eyes in the skies, but to perform contact testing and measurement of live infrastructure? Once the core technology was proven, the founding team of utility, drone and robotics experts realized the full potential extended into many other areas of line work such as storm restoration, wildlife mitigation, and ground-to-tower supply transportation.

The team’s efforts resulted in the launch of the Osprey Nonconductive Payload System offered with the aerial ohmmeter solution for in-depth splice and deadend connector health assessments. Since then, the industry has brought forward countless applications where Linebird’s technology can add immense value by reducing hazardous exposure, improving accessibility of electric infrastructure, and empowering the workforce of the future.

Linebird’s core concept was first invented by Michael Beiro, then a mechanical engineering student, and Lee Corbin, an ex-aerial lineman, civil construction PM, and utility drone pilot. David Schul and Chase Coble joined to build and fly the first prototypes, bringing experience as UAS entrepreneurs and renewable system designers. The team has brought the technology forward to deployment in real-world transmission inspections, and now works to expand the company’s offerings to a broadening toolkit of use cases.

The Linebird team represents decades of diverse industry experience in the energy, engineering, and UAS fields. 

Michael Beiro
Founder and President

Michael Beiro is an innovator applying his knowledge of robotics, engineering, and entrepreneurship to the energy sector. His background is in academic research, development, and commercialization.

Chase Coble
R&D Specialist

Chase Coble has been working with small unmanned systems for the bulk of his career. He cofounded a prior company in commercial drone services and has years of experience in the renewable energy sector.

David Schul
VP of Technology

David is passionate about safe, innovative UAS operations that assist with complex problems across the utility industry, and is a highly skilled drone pilot. He previously cofounded a drone service company and is a veteran of renewables and environmental consulting.

Lee Corbin
Vice President/SME,
Customer and Business Development

Lee has extensive experience as an aerial lineman and thermographer and has built and managed UAS crews for power line inspections. He takes improving utility safety personally, and works tirelessly to advance customer success and industry progress.